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Episode #19 coming 'Live' from The Photography Show at the NEC

Updated: Sep 4
Photo courtesy of The Photography Show (Twitter)

A one off episode coming to you from the NEC. In this episode I’m going talk to some of the exhibitors at The Photography Show to find out from them their take on the photography industry right now. How does this show compare to previous shows, that kind of thing.

Now I’m here on Sunday 19th September, I don’t usually come on a Sunday (Monday is my usual preference) but tomorrow I’m on a shoot in Yorkshire so it makes perfect sense to stop in here on my way up.

Looking around this place, first impressions is that there are fewer exhibitors, it’s all in a smaller space AND there are fewer visitors too. And I don’t just mean in relation to the whole thing being a smaller event because there’s a lower density in this smaller space so to me that means there must be waaaay fewer people here than normal years.

But I might be wrong. Maybe lots of people were here yesterday, maybe there’s a whole truckload coming here tomorrow. For the sake of exhibitors here I really hope so. But anyway, we’re not here for me to talk. Let’s get out there and start talking to some exhibitors.

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