• Simon Jones

Episode #18 on how a wedding venue sparked an industry backlash

Updated: Sep 4

A special one-off episode in response to a wedding venue in Nottingham and their initial plan to charge a fee to suppliers regardless of whether they were on a preferred supplier list with the venue.

The reaction from the wedding supplier community was fast and loud, mainly because of the fear of this becoming the norm in the industry.

While I was speaking to Martin Cheung in the first half of this episode the venue did a 180 on their decision but sadly, not creating the sympathetic response they may have been hoping for.

I invited them onto this podcast episode, they didn't want to do that but they did send me an email that I've shared here.

There's much to learn from this saga, not least the need to respect the industry, how to handle a PR disaster and also the power of the collective voice.

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