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Episode #16 with model Faith discussing life on the other side of the camera

Updated: Sep 4

Welcome back to 9 to 5 photographer, the podcast to help you get more shoots, make more money and spend more time doing the things you love and today’s episode is with a model. I’d love to know, do you know how it feels to be photographed when you’re a model, taking direction from a photographer and trying to understand what they want you to do but without compromising on your values. If so, this episode is for you because today we’re talking to Faith.

You can find her on Instagram by searching mystiquefay but, more importantly, we get some insights and advice from her in this episode because I ask her to share her experiences of what it’s like.

So she’s about to tell us some of the mistakes photographs sometimes make, some of the best photoshoots she’s modelled on and what advice she has for photographers who’ve never shot a model but would like to.

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