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Episode #15 with professional filmmaker business owner Andrew Cussens

Updated: Sep 4

Welcome back to 9 to 5 photographer, the podcast to help you get more shoots, make more money and spend more time doing the things you love and today’s episode is with an absolutely top guy, a solid bloke and someone with more experience of being a filmmaker than you can shake a stick at.

Andrew Cussens runs Bloomsbury Films from the heart of London. He’s been running the business for a number of years and he’s very much a business owner with a team of people. So it’s great to get an insight into running a business operation like that.

But we don’t just talk about that, of course. Andrew breaks down for us the way he brought his filmmaking business to life, he unpacks the direction he has taken and the reasons behind it, he talks about what he did in 2020 when the world kinda stopped and we talk about the art of filmmaking.

Then at the end I introduce something new which is a series of ‘Would you rather’ questions, just for fun. I came across these recently and it was a good opportunity to randomly select some of them.

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