The podcast to help photographers and film-makers get more shoots, make more money and spend more time doing the things they love. 


Welcome to '9 to 5 Photographer', the podcast show that will help you grow your business by getting more shoots, making more money so you can spend more time doing what you love.

In each episode I interview someone who's been there, done it and who's happy to share what they've learned with you. I also ask other experts to join the show, people who might not be photographers or film-makers but who can help you on your journey to getting more shoot bookings or running your business in the best way possible.

From time to time I share some of my own stories as someone who's also been there and done it too. But this show isn't about me, it's about how it can serve you in the most effective way as you grow your business into something of which you should be proud. Check out the latest episode below or search '9 to 5 photographer' in your podcast player.


About Simon

Hi, I'm Simon Jones and I wanted to thank you for coming here.


I started my photography business in 2010 and left my job to go full-time in 2012. Since then I've photographed weddings, family portraits, corporate events and lots of corporate headshots.

After two years of shooting anything & everything I began to specialise in corporate photography in schools, something I grew successfully and that I completely love!

In 2021 I decided to start '9 to 5 photographer' for people who want to grow their photography businesses into something bigger. 

Do get in touch if you'd like to be on an episode or if you have any suggestions of someone else who might be good for the photography community to hear from.

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